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  • Dr. Isabel Estrada, Director, MMUF at the City College of New York

  • Dr. Vincent Boudreau, President, the City College of New York

  • Dr. Renee Johnson-Thornton, Assistant Director of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

9 - 9:45 AM

Speed Friending

9:50 - 10:10 AM 


Talking Circle I

Art, Identity, 
  and Activism

Moderator: Angelina Coronado, CCNY 

  • Diogene Artiles, Columbia University“Saudade and World-Creation: An Exploration into the Missing”

  • Tyler Campbell, Columbia University, “Griots of the Movement For Black Lives: Ideals of Community & Neighborhood In Contemporary Black Poetry”

  • Angelina Coronado, CCNY, “She "who gave poison to her female master": On Gendered Labor and Enslaved Women's Resistance in Sixteenth Century Santo Domingo”

  • Christine Flores, Queens College, "Perpetual Aliens:  Identity in Chinese-Peruvian “Tusán” Literature”

  • Cameron Flood, Columbia University“Love & Law: An Analysis of Love as a Radical Force in the 20th Century United States”


Session I 

10:15 - 11:45 AM

Talking Circle II

Biopolitics &

Moderator: Sajina Shrestha, CCNY

  • Abigail Hickman, Columbia University, “Abraxa: Alternate Configurations of the Future”

  • Tiffany Zorrilla, Hunter College, “NYCHA Communities assert their “Right to the City”: A Preliminary analysis of Civic Engagement Strategies through Digital Communal Spaces”

  • Sheena Rocke, Hunter College, “Earning A Seat At The Table: What Is Required According To Narratives of Respectability”

  • Shakila Khan, Hunter C, “Visuality of Violence: An Examination of Images Depicting Racialized Political Violence “

  • Kendra Gimblet, Hunter College, “Disembodied Migrant Identities in Turkey”

Research Presentations I

Economics &
  Ecological Justice

Moderator: Jorge Cruz, CCNY

  • Jaala Alston, Columbia University, “The Impact of Economic Structure on Social Inequality: A Case Study on Cuba”

  • Kristie Sanchez, Hunter College, “The Role and Life cycle of Trade Liberalization Norms on Latin American Integration Blocs”

  • Payton Johnson, Columbia University, “Counter Mapping Gentrification”

  • Jorge Cruz, CCNY, “Shift in Sets: Power & Prestige in Northern Brooklyn”

  • Aisha Butt, CCNY, “Voluntourism & Performative Environmentalism: Notions of Conservation and Nature in Costa Rica”

Lunch Panel

MMUF Benefits &
Opportunities after

Session II

12 - 1:45 PM

Talking Circle III

Education & 

Moderator: Sajina Shrestha, CCNY

  • Emily Batista, Brooklyn College, “School and Perception: Adultification as an Interference”

  • Sara Morales, Barnard College, "Revolutionary Love" in Cuba's 1961 Literacy Campaign”

  • Bakari Da Breo, Brooklyn College, “Algorithms: The Rise of Artificial ‘Discriminatory’ Intelligence”

  • Gabrielle Afable, Brooklyn College, “The mp3 Wish Image: Music Piracy and the Left”

2 - 3:15 PM

Session III

Talking Circle IV


Moderator: Lin Dan Zheng, CCNY 

  • Lin Dan Zheng, CCNY, "The Relation of Affluence and Success: An Investigation of Abigail May Alcott Nieriker, Claude Raguet Hirst, and Anna Mary Robertson Moses." 

  • Alexus Knight, Brooklyn College “Photographing Us: The Site of the Family in Social Documentary Photography”

  • Deborah Orakothai, Brooklyn College “Displaced Yoruba Artifacts: Can Art & Spirit Be Merged?”

  • Hope Williams, Hunter College, “When Text and Image Become One: An Analysis of Xu Bing’s Book from the Ground”

Talking Circle V

Health Disparities

Moderator: Myra Rosa, CCNY

  • Sajah Archer, Queens College, “Garifuna and Alternative Medicine”

  • Kishauna Givans, Queens College, “Invisible and Uncounted: Health Care Access for Jamaican Immigrants”

  • Myra Rosa, CCNY, “The Aftermath of Disaster: Triggering and Exacerbating Effects on Mental Health in the Black Puerto Rican Community and Diaspora”

  • Dyaan Malik, Queens College, “Societal Expectations of South Asian Women in the United States"

Research Panel II


Moderator: Lance Parker, CCNY 


  • Daniel J. Vázquez Sanabria, Brooklyn College, "Jibaridad Negra: The Possibilities of Francisco Oller’s “Jibara”"

  • Marina Samuel, Hunter College, “A World Where Many Worlds Fit: Neozapatismo as Decolonial Resistance”

  • Lance Parker, CCNY, “The Jamaican Maroons of the 17th and 18th centuries: Survivalists of the New World”

  • Tirzah Anderson, Barnard College, “Racecraft and Jim Crow in Oklahoma: Incarceration and Policing in Early 20th Century Indian Territory”

Research Panel III

Narrating the Body

Moderator: Angelina Coronado, CCNY 


  • Jazmin Maco, Barnard College, “Expanding African Queer Visual Activism Within and Beyond the Continent: A Look into the Genre’s Past(s), Present, and Future(s)”

  • Emily Ram, Queens College, “Scars that Speak: Language, Gender, and Self-Mutilation in Young Adult Literature”

  • Ariana Orozco, Columbia University, “The Prison Memoir and Necropolitical Control”

3:15 - 4 PM

Session IV

Research Panel IV

Politics and Poetics
  of Blackness

Moderator: Sajina Shrestha, CCNY 

  • Yosan Alemu, Columbia University, “Fallen Flesh: Blackness, Poetics, and the Measure of the Wor(l)d

  • Adriana Chavez, Hunter College, “Pie in the Face:” Deromanticized Soul Food in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and The Bluest Eye”

  • Isabel Sepúlveda, Columbia University, “But We Sing It Anyway: Time Travel, Disability, The Archive & The Future in Octavia Butler’s Kindred”

Research Panel V

Race, Gender,
  and Power

Moderator: Shy Richardson, CCNY 


  • Shy Richardson, CCNY, “Race, Space and Social Justice: The Young Lords as Urban Environmentalists”

  • Cassidy Gabriel, Columbia University, “Toward a Critical Genealogy of Gender Power in Sport”

  • Mona Reed, Hunter College, “‘What Were We Striving For?’: A Girl Among the Anarchists and How its Depiction of Middle-Class Engagement with Revolutionary Politics Reveals the Appeal of Fascism”

Research Panel VI

Classics &
  Ancient Studies

Moderator: Ana Abreu, CCNY 


  • Aditi Rao, Barnard College, “Diplomacy, Conquest, Border: Megasthenes’ Indica as Cosmopolis”

  • Joselyn Garcia, Hunter College, “The Relationship Between Cosimo and Classics Compared to his Contemporaries”

  • Jessica Alexander, Queens College, “Exploring Avenues of Greek Myths in Children’s Literature”

Session V

4 - 5 PM

Alumni Panel

  • Bryan Guichardo, Graduate History Student, CUNY Graduate Center

  • Dr. Javiela EvangelistaAfrican American Studies Department, CUNY New York City College of Technology

  • Dr. Shanna Jean-Baptiste, Post-Doctorate Fellow, French and African American Studies, Rutgers University

  • Dr. Fadila Habchi, African American Studies, Yale University